My Process 




When it comes to developing a strong brand, you don’t need to say everything— you need to say the right things.

This is how we get there:



Writer and consultant on client phone call.

It’s important to feel totally comfortable with and confident in the writer you hire. I offer a free 30-minute consultation call to give us an opportunity to get to know one another, discuss your project, and determine if we're a good fit to work together. I'm happy to share relevant samples of my work and connect you with references upon request.

If we decide to move forward, I will prepare a project agreement with our agreed upon fee, timeline, and deliverables. This document outlines exactly what you can expect from our work together and gives us a roadmap to follow. Once we both sign off, I will block off time on my calendar for your project and we'll get started!


Writer engaging in discovery process.

We begin with homework for you, research by me, and a kickoff meeting where I ask lots of questions and you do lots of talking. Listening to you speak about your business helps me to write in your voice and adds depth to the finished product.

I think of the discovery phase like a treasure hunt. We sift through all of the information about your business, the market, and your target audience, uncovering precious gems. A great anecdote here, a total “lightbulb moment” about your brand values there. Before you know it, we’ll have gathered all of the raw materials I need to write something spectacular.

3. Write & Refine

Hand editing with a red pen.

By the time I've delivered you a "first draft," I will typically have gone through dozens of iterations of the language. Next, you will review the draft and we will discuss your thoughts and edits. It's important to note that working with a writer shouldn't be a "set it and forget it" process! Your feedback is incredibly valuable as I work to hone the copy until it feels totally true to your brand.

 As an experienced project manager, I consider it my responsibility to keep you informed and ensure that the work is progressing on schedule. Most importantly, I want you to feel heard, involved, and thrilled with the end result!

Once your project is complete, I like to connect over the phone or a video chat to reflect on the process and make sure that you know how to take what I’ve written and put it to good use.

Amanda is an extremely detailed project manager, as well as a wonderful creative partner. Whether the challenge was engaging new donors or communicating a difficult decision, Amanda was thoughtful, thorough, and innovative. Amanda particularly shines as a storyteller. As our chief writer and editor for our school magazine, she had an intuitive sense for how to best convey our message in a compelling manner, while remaining on brand and bringing in a variety of voices. I highly recommend Amanda as a writer, an editor, a strategist, and a project manager.
— Jennifer TumSuden, Walnut Hill School for the Arts