Why choose Amanda?

i can help you engage your audiences and build customer loyalty. And, I'm Proud to Say, I come recommended. 

Faced with the overwhelming task of completely re-thinking and re-writing my website, I hired Amanda to help. It’s unusual when someone meets your expectations, but Amanda totally exceeded them. She helped me understand how my website could deliver better results, and then took on the task of developing, writing and editing text that would have taken me years to get to.
— Betsy Kessler, Realtor
Amanda Grazioli’s work has been invaluable to my company and completely exceeded my expectations with both her approach to the project and timely delivery. Authenticity is paramount to me, she developed language that captured my passion and the essence of my brand I could have only hoped to convey as authentically as it was executed. I am thrilled with the results of her work and look forward to future collaborations with Amanda!
— Stacey Oliva, SO Design Collective
Amanda was a pleasure to work with. She had an excellent understanding of what we wanted to say on our website, and her words and descriptions conveyed a sense of warmth and clarity to those researching assisted living services in the area. She made all edits in a timely manner and was always willing to discuss the best ways to express an idea. I would definitely recommend her.
— Carol Chudnofsky, Scandinavian Living Center
Amanda was great to work with and easy to talk to. She helped to fully establish and flesh out who we are, what we do, and why we do it. We had a call with her to discuss our brand and just a few days later we has our about section ready to go. We definitely recommend her!
— Ben Mercedes II, New England Wedding Film
“Amanda is an extremely detailed project manager, as well as a wonderful creative partner. Whether the challenge was engaging new donors or communicating a difficult decision, Amanda was thoughtful, thorough, and innovative. Amanda particularly shines as a storyteller. As our chief writer and editor for our school magazine, she had an intuitive sense for how to best convey our message in a compelling manner, while remaining on brand and bringing in a variety of voices. I highly recommend Amanda as a writer, an editor, a strategist, and a project manager.”
— Jennifer TumSuden, Walnut Hill School for the Arts
Amanda has the wonderful ability to listen to someone’s thoughts and then create content that is written clearly and eloquently in a concise and engaging manner; her skill with the English language is powerful.”
— Betsy Blazar, blazar design studio